Style that doesn't Cost the Earth

The Patina Atelier Story

We are two longtime expats - an interior designer from San Fransisco and a retail buyer with working experience in Miami, Minneapolis and Singapore. Not long ago, we were approached to help design and furnish a newly-renovated Admissions Office at our daughters’ school. Tasked with a tight budget, we snooped around and discovered long forgotten Chippendale-style chairs that were destined for the skip. They were unattractive, but sturdy and most of all…promising. Armed with some decorative vision and hard work, the chairs were transformed using leftover fabric, specialist paint and decorative finishes. The end result was a sophisticated revamp, turning a run-of-the-mill office into a warm and inviting space for potential students and their families. The spark was there and the hunt was on as we scoured the school for more disused, unloved furniture. Using the same techniques, we were able to refresh further areas throughout the administrative building,

once again under the tightest of budgets.